Who am I ?

Mathieu Bédu - Game Programmer Think it. Code it. ptimize it.


An action-RPG where the avatar fights by projecting solid and persistent elements on the field.

Blow X Hell

A digging sandbox game in a procedural 3D world developped for Amplitude.

Crazy Miner

An arcade game with procedural levels developped for Gameloft.

Dodge Me

A serious runner game when you must avoid beers! Developped in Drag On Slide.


A musical casual game developped for 3DDUO.

RIASEC - Social

A serious party game developped for ONISEP.

Fortress of Awe

A multiplayer FPS with samurais, spiders, bodybuilders & King Kong.

Straw, Berry !

You control a strawberry in this game developped in 28 hours.

Other games

Some kinds of stuff...

Soon !

More games are coming !