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A tactical-oriented action-RPG where the avatar fights by projecting solid and persistent elements on the field.

Controls (designed for XBox Controller)

Left stickMoveKeyboard: ZQSD
Right stickMove distortion cursorKeyboard: ↑→↓←
AGhost modeKeyboard: Left shift
BHitKeyboard: Space
XDistortion vortexKeyboard: E
YFast 3-castKeyboard: A
RTCast distortionKeyboard: 4
LTRecall distortionKeyboard: 3
LB/RBSelect distortionKeyboard: 1/2

Mathieu Bédu

Lead GP

Jérémy Hartwick

Lead GD

Myriam Dufrier

Lead GA

3D artist

Lucas Maupin


Sound Design

Loïc Perillier

FX art

Inès Robin

2D art

Maxime Weets

Level Design